How to stop afternoon fatigue at work

Afternoon fatigue can be annoying at work and prevent reaching your goals. These easy workouts can help you feel more energized.

Afternoon weariness is aggravating and might keep you from achieving your objective. These easy stretches can help you stay energized by keeping your blood circulating and providing a burst of energy. Even if you're on the phone or typing away at your laptop, you can do desk stretches like foot pumps, arm circles, neck rolls, and sitting spinal twists. You may also execute more active stretches that engage your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, lower back, and other muscles if you're able to move about a bit of bit — for example, lunges — if you have enough room.
These exercises aren't simply helpful for energizing your afternoon. Stretching helps us maintain our mobility and overall health by keeping our muscles flexible and strong.


For a few years, we've heard that sitting is the new smoking or that it's on par with not getting enough sleep. Translation: Sitting all day is terrible for our overall health and body. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Consider utilizing a standing desk or an active workplace, such as a walking desk or a bike desk.
Several experts recommend standing at your desk for 15 minutes every hour to combat the dangers of sitting. However, according to studies from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, you may need to stand for more than 30 minutes to get the advantages. You may overdo it if you eat more than that. Standing at your desk for even a few minutes at a time can help you avoid the afternoon slump—a standing or cycling desk ups the ante by giving movement and an elevated position.

Take a walk outside

There is a mountain of evidence that going outside is beneficial to our health. Even a little walk in the woods may help us relax, enhance our mood, and inspire our creativity, to mention a few advantages. Sunlight also increases our serotonin levels, helping us feel more energized, relaxed, cheerful, and focused.
So get out there and take a stroll around the block, taking in lots of revitalizing fresh air. Even better, organize a walking meeting with some of your coworkers. Then you'll be able to overcome your afternoon slump as a group and complete the day with plenty of energy.

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